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Delphic Oracle will be playing a show at Burro Bar in Jacksonville FL next Monday, March 31. DETAILS HERE

Hello and happy 2014! Thanks to everyone who made “The Swan and the Oracle” East Coast Tour a success! Although there were some major hurdles to get over on this tour, so many wonderful friends were made, nothing was broken nor lost, and the two heroines returned to their homelands with their virtues intact. Well, kind of…

A couple of quick announcements:

Delphic Oracle will be playing a FREE SHOW at Rain Dogs in Jacksonville, FL, this Friday night! Bring your Valentine and pick up Popnihil’s new releases on cassette, a whopping FOUR of them out on the same day! And you know Delphic Oracle will be doing a ritual for this day of love that also happens to fall on a full moon in Leo!

Head on over to the Press Page and see what Christiana and Earl Ware (of 3rd-Rate Photography) have been up to. Next up is a video collaboration, premiering…. well… You’ll just have to sign up for the newsletter to see it before anyone else.

Peace and light to all you precious daemons.


East Coast Dates:

12.07.2013 - BALTIMORE: Frijoles with Sterling Brothers *FREE*
12.08.2013 - WASHINGTON DC : Velvet Lounge with Cavale *18+ $10, 21+ $8*
12.09.2013 - PHILADELPHIA: Kung Fu Necktie with Void Vision & GG Lohan *$10*
12.12.2013 - PROVIDENCE: AS220 with Winter Line *$6*
12.13.2013 - BOSTON: Cloud Club (PM for private RSVP info)
12.15.2013 - MONTREAL: Brassiere Beaubien (details TBA)
12.16.2013 - TORONTO: Bambi’s with DJ set by SINS - *$5* CANCELLED
12.17.2013 - DETROIT: Lo & Behold with Wiccans & The Potions
12.18.2013 - CHICAGO: Empty Bottle with Rasplyn and TALsounds *FREE with RSVP, $5 door*
12.21.2013 - GAINESVILLE, FL: Display Gallery YULE CELEBRATION with Witch’s Tit *$8*

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: 12.24.2013 - JAX BEACH, FL: Da Big Kahuna  *$8*

Hope to see you out there!

BIG announcements 10.04.2013

Happy Autumn! Besides this being Christiana’s birth month, October is always an especially magical month of the year. In this short respite of changing seasons, we can enjoy the fruits of our labours thus far and  make preparations for the long months of darkness ahead. Its a time for celebration, for creativity, and for peace.

As you may have heard, Christiana is leaving Brooklyn to return to her Southern roots in Florida, but don’t dismay! It’s a great reason for Delphic Oracle to tour more often, and the distance from all the distraction of New York will provide ample creative space for the next EP to be made! Christiana realized touring and playing music as Delphic Oracle is where her happiness lies, as the Azar Swan West Coast tour helped her realize.

Speaking of which, the tour with Azar Swan was a complete success! Delphic Oracle would like to thank the following entities for their contributions to the most enjoyable tour yet: King Dude, Kristen Naranjo, David Nelson, Laura and Chris and Ace, Lief Hall, David Mattatall and everyone at Zoo Zhop, Daniel at The Northern, Hayes, Aaron Montaigne, Blair and Taylor Gehrts, Conrad, Guillermo, Nako, Hether Fortune, Keven Tecon, Opulence, Redredred, Sean at the Knockout, Sarah Toon, JERALYN MASON, Carlos Colón, Von Haze, William from Complex, Justin Lomery, Felicia Montenegro, Mario Orduño, Nika Danilova, Karen Soskin, and most of all: MATT SOLARO and ZOHRA ATASH. America is beautiful.

Now on to business:

Officially announcing the VERY SPECIAL HALLOWEEN SHOW with Dame Darcy (!!!), Azar Swan, and DJ Tamaryn in Savannah, Georgia. There will be a Hecate ritual by Ms. Darcy herself! It’s going to be amazing.

Delphic Oracle and Azar Swan will also be playing Voodoo Fest in New Orleans this year. Details TBA

Head over to the PHOTOS page for live performance shots from Los Angeles and San Diego, and keep an eye on the Azar Swan/Delphic Oracle tour blog for updates from the road! Did you attend a show and get some photos or video? Send it along!

And what’s that about an East Coast 2013 tour? You’ll find out very soon…

GIANT Update 09.04.2013

Wow, what a week it’s been, and what an action-packed fall this is shaping up to be! There are several very exciting announcements for Delphic Oracle:

1. “Watching the Fern” is available for free download here.

2. Listening party at Worship happening this Thursday, 7 pm - 117 Wilson Ave in Bushwick, BK.

3. The Naked Label/Delphic Oracle jewelry album is now available to purchase.

4. Azar Swan and Delphic Oracle start their West Coast Tour next Wednesday the 18th.

5. Some photos from the EP Release party are up on the photos page.

6. Footage from the Hive NYC show:

More exciting news to be announced (including an East Coast tour), so stay tuned!

UPDATES 08.28.2013

Phantasmaphile posted an exclusive premiere to Skin Town's remix of “Death Dreams,” only to be released on limited edition Naked Label thumb drive jewelry. Pre-order page coming tomorrow!

"Watching the Fern" EP Release Party is only a week away. It’s the final ritual in a three-part ritual made to clear, focus, celebrate, integrate, and elevate the body, the mind, and the spirit. You definitely want to witness this final transformation.

Updates 07.22.13

New Shows Announced!

Delphic Oracle on her first music video and being a solo female artist at, by Becka Diamond

Christiana Key on the acceptance and and channeling of feminine power in 2013 and beyond at, by Kristen Korvette


Hello all you adventurers, fame-seekers, riddle-solvers, and magickal mystery detectives! Are you ready for a mystical summer scavenger hunt? All you need is the spirit of discovery and an instagram account!

There are 30 crystal fetishes around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan whose purpose is activated only when discovered by the initiated who find them. Their purpose is [click here to continue with clues, prizes and rules]